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4 days into mission Haiti- 24 Jan

Relaying a phone conversation received from Michela, member of Italian team form Flag who left for Haiti; She says; 3 days ago we where welcomed in a hospital as "the ones that really help". We know little of what was to come as a result of "really know how to help". Well each one of our group was assigned as responsable of a unit in the hospital. I got the critical unit. The doctor walked me rapidly trough the unit and than as I was left alone, started to go around to attend "my" patients. As I was doing so a girl came up to me and asked if her mother had died since she was not moving since a while. I went to check (looking for a pulse) and as I could not find one (I'm not a doctor nor a nurse) I called the doctor.

He was so busy that he answered not to bother him if she was dead and ordered to bring her out to the morge. What morge? where? No questions asked of course. I got it done, handled the daughter, and continuing assisting patients.The second time I found an other dead in my unit, I decided that this was not going to happen again in my department. I rapidly assessed the situation and found out that the medicines where not working because the patients where not eating or drinking and had not done so in days.... so I went out and found some nuns that where giving out food. I arranged for them to come to my unit to feed the patients. They did and continued to do so for the following days... Next we addressed the water situation.We installed a water depurator. Done. And and and....

Michela was just pooring out data that I'm sure I'm missing out on so much she told me I'll post them as soon as they resurfice.... To end the conversation she told me that they finally showered and had a hot meal for dinner.


25 Jan AM

To all my friends, and friends of mankind here are the latest form the italian VM group in Haiti;

Michela and Fabio informed me of the events of the day and here it is:

They secured a land, closed to the airport strip, the size of a football field where a new school/orfanage is going to stand. The land is enclosed by a wall that only suffered minor damage from the quake and is already been rebuilt as I write. Machates are at work to clear the filed and big tents that an earlier relief team has left to us are going up to accomodate up to 1000 orphans.

3 teachers are already standing by to take charge of the 200 orphans that are pressing the perimeter in their desperate need of a new home.

Since the call from Haiti a few hours ago, a few of us have diggeg yet again deep in their pockets to send additional funds to provide a water depurator to the dwell on the property and to push this project to a done!

The funds have already left land in a private charter and will be in the hands of our VMs by night!

A special thanks not only to our VMs on the ground; Elena, Michela, Chiara, Marina, Enrico e Fabio but to the one that are making this possible; first of all to my dear husband, my friends, Luciana e Donato, Jonathan e Monica, Monica, Aviva, Tom, Antonella, Placido, Paola, and all the people that are flowing theta!

It is an honor to serve in such a powerful team! It is a privilege to be empowered by LRH tech which is a real solution to the trouble of mankind.

Thank you all again.

25 Jan PM

WOW that was a lot even for me to take in. Elena really got loose and spilled like an erupting vulcano for minutes at a time making me wander if she was even taking the time to breeth in..."we need more OTs in here! You have no idea of the difference we are making! Scn is changing the condition of this piece of Earth!"Than she started on a number of incidents she lived during those last days...she spoke of a little guy that was running around in "their" hospitaI,a little one that had no other place to go than the hospital where both his parents had lost their lives. A little one that started to work along side with her group in the hope to earn a spot in the school they are going to build so he can have an education... a little one that has now become their reason to endure 12,14,16 hours a day shifts,...She said "my hospital" the one we worked in and turned around in days, the one in which a doctor would see them as enemies in the beginning but could not resist hugging her over a 20 years old girl that she helped save and made it through the night untill she could be airlifted to a better equipped hospital,...She said; "the yellow shirts earned their free ticket into any place, any hearts, any resistance any pre-concived idea ,....they earned it with their work that is now for many witnesses a miracle".....she went on and on in a rough voice, one of many days of lack of sleep and proper food,....but she did not suppress a scream when I told her more money was on it's way and that I would work on sending in more OT groups....

She could not stop thanking me not even to hear that I NEEDED to thank HER. Thank you for who you are, thank you for taking responsability, thank you for being HERE!

And thank you all for everything you do which is truly making this planet a better because of your actions in it!

With humble,

25 Jan evening;

Travolta Piloting Aid to Haiti Tonight
January 25, 2010

NBC reports today about John Travolta's flight to Port au Prince:

The earthquake in Haiti has brought out all types of doctors, relief workers, celbrities and pilots. John Travolta fits most of those requirements. The avid flier is expected to hop on his personal Quantas 707 and pilot his family, 24 doctors, and ministers from the Scientologist church to Haiti to help in the relief effort.

The plane, which will leave from Florida tonight, will also be carrying much-needed medical supplies for the thousands of Haitians still nursing devastating injuries. (more)

Also KCRG reports about the Travolta flight under the heading Cedar Rapids Disaster Specialist Teahen Heads to Haiti, with Actor John Travolta, and adds the following about one of the 24 doctors going with John to Haiti:

Teahen, who is not a Scientologist, said the church has come to play a bigger and bigger role in disaster relief both internationally and in the United States. Teahen said he first met Travolta and his wife, actress Kelly Preston, in Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

We wish them luck. The more than 100 Scientology Volunteer Ministers who are currently in Haiti will be happy to receive more support!

This plane left CW yesterday with a a photographer and meet up with our team to deliver them the money for the ofranage/school that I'm talking about in my notes.

Here is the resume of the events of the day.

I spook for a long time with Michela today. She was hiding form the sun in a shag. She was exausted, she told me that it is truly impossible to even imagine the condition those people are in...

She told me that the Italian team except for her was out getting compounds instead of tents for the orphanage. She explained that now there is a long waiting list for all kind of supply and that the burocracy to get anything got complicated but none of the italian VM team was taken aback and was "working the lines" with all they got.

She said that she had been around all day buying cement, finding heavy equipment and stuff to prepare the land finding and buying things in exchage for food or the privilege to work for the yellow shirts.

She said that she had secured their own provision in the cabin of an abandoned truck on our land since, since they started the work many locals had already attempted to get in and find whatever they need to survive.

She called this "a done on putting the security in for her group!"

She said that the real handling for the security though, was to put them to work on the orphanage project so their moral and decency came up for earning their very own 4 dollars for the day of production and a hot meal! But more than that their true pay was the pride to work for the "yellow shirts".

This brought the progress of the project for the day to;

The entire area has bean cleared from the debrees, the land has been leveled, a entry road to the land has been drown and the water dwell has been made operational even though we still use a bucket to withdrow water since the pump only arrives in a few days.

We also created the kitchen and the dump area.

As you can see the italian VMs went from being responsable for different units in a hospital with quickly became 2 hospitals, to building from scratch an orphanage without dropping their hats at the hospitals.

While on the phone with me Michela said that she was going to run now since a fire truck had just passed and that ment she was finally going to shower. She said she really fancied a shower since the once she had since in Haiti consited in half a bucket of water per person!

She was laughing at the idea of having to "buy" a shower form the fierworker but at mid laugh she stopped and said "barbara you really have no idea of the condition of this place and the difference the VMs are making."

She said that the group will have this camp up and running in days even though other, better equipped in man and equipment groups, had taken weeks to mount theirs own( she was talking about the UNs the US army,...).

She said they did not have all that time, they had to go back for that newborn she could not take becuause the orphanage was not there, and those kids that while running around buying cement had begged her for food, and and and....

She said' "Barbara the hospitals are now fully operational, now we need VMS! We need help in rebuilding the life of those people so they can have a future off the streets and away from crime and can be educated.

Again I pledged my help, again together we will make miracles!

Thank you again.
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